Dragon's Dogma 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Good Cop, Bad Cop


Like Dark Souls and Demons Souls, Dragon's Dogma has snubs traditional online multiplayer gameplay modes in favour of the much more interesting and innovative Pawn System. But in Dragon's Dogma 2 we'd like to some traditional online co-op gameplay.

This doesn't really need much explaining does it? Dungeons and areas built with co-op gameplay in mind, where puzzles require two Arisen to complete and enemies that can only be felled with two or more players.

A Co-operative mode could provide lead to some fantastic set-piece moments, especially in boss battles. Imagine the Chimera battle from the first game if you had a buddy hand to keep the cobbled together beast busy while you ran off to find an explosive barrel to lob at it. Or the Basilisk battle where both players have to hack at either side of its neck to chop off the serpent's head. You get the picture.

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