Luminous Engine 'scalable' from next-gen to iPad - Square

Impressive tech is "not just next-gen," says dev

Square Enix stunned E3 with a next-generation tech demo of its new Luminous Engine. But it's not just for next-generation games, says Square.


The Luminous Engine is hugely scalable, says Square's chief technical officer and Luminous demo producer Yoshihisa Hashimoto. So much so that it could power titles on current-gen systems and even mobiles and tablets.

"In the case of the Luminous Studio, we're probably not going to be bound to any particular platform," he told RPGSite when quizzed on scalability.

He went on to say that the engine caters to "PC already, probably PlayStation 3, Mobile, iPad tablets also browser and cloud as well. Not just next-gen - we can scale," he said.

Hashimoto also insisted that, with further optimisation, the impressive visuals shown in the demo should be possible in a real game even with the added strain of AI, physics and animations lumped on top.

"This time, a lot of power was expended on graphics because we wanted to show something really visually impressive. To be clear, it hasn't been optimized yet. So we should be able to optimize AI, graphics, the animation, audio all those things to slot together," he said.

"Of course we, the team, created this engine but definitely we are going to raise the bar for AI, animation, audio and physics everything.

"What we were using today for this demonstration it's of course high specification, but all the parts are also things readily available in the PC market right now. The graphics board you could probably buy without driving too far from here. It's very realistic that in the near future people can play a game with visuals of this quality."

Hashimoto did, however, suggest that the fidelity of next-gen Luminous games may require more storage space than a single Blu-ray disc can provide.