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Phil Fish working on two new titles

Fez creator is back

The indie game developer Phil Fish announced at Gamelab 2012 that he has two new ventures in the works.


During a speech made at Gamelab 2012 in Barcelona, Phil Fish creator of the XBLA title Fez, revealed that he has two more titles up his sleeve.

Fish announced that he "was working on two games with friends", one of which he started while he was busy working on Fez, but "had leave it to focus on finishing Fez."

There were no details given about the games Fish is now working on, and he is still unsure which title he will devote most of his time to as he stated, "it is difficult to decide which game you are going to dedicate to, it may be something that will occupy many years of your life."

Fez is one of XBLA's most popular titles, with a current metacritic rating of 89, Fish definitely has a lot to live up to.