Rome 2 is official: Preview, interview and screens go live

Exclusive details from our visit to Creative Assembly

The Creative Assembly has announced its brand new Total War game, Rome II, which will release for PC in 2013.


Rome II is described as "the biggest Total War game yet," with a budget that's 40% higher and with almost double the amount of people working on it.

CVG visited CA for an exclusive look at the sequel last week, and you can read every detail - and see the first screenshots - in our Rome 2: Total War preview and our Rome 2 interview with lead designer James Russell.

Here is CA's official feature list:

  • The creators of the award-winning Total War series set a new benchmark for strategy gaming quality and depth, taking their signature mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay to new heights.
  • An epic-scale turn-based campaign mode in which to plan your conquest of the known world - in any way you see fit.
  • Feel the thunderous clash of battle as the Roman war-machine takes to the field in real-time combat. Tens of thousands of men collide in bone-splintering detail that you directly control.
  • All-new graphics engine: see exotic ancient cities and colossal armies rendered in incredible detail, while jaw-dropping cinematic battles unfold. New unit cameras allow you to see the battle from every perspective.
  • Completely scalable experience, with performance optimised for your PC or laptop. Witness the awesome scale of Total War: Rome II, no matter what your spec.