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Call of Duty Elite's 'Noob Tube' web series looks pretty bad

Are you a Call of Duty Elite subscriber? Well, as part of the service you pay £30 odd for you'll now be getting Noob Tube, which is described as a "hilarious new clip show".

It's not hilarious at all. On this occassion we're going to source quotes from the YouTube comments on the video to summarise our reactions to this show.

"Dafuq did I just watch" - AttackGoat666

Dislike - webmlg

"WTF" - turkishmooiboy40

*facepalm* - fdrpyahoocom

"LISTEN UP! The government is planning on releasing a bill called Bill S.978. What this will do is make posting any copyrighted material on the internet a FELONY, including video game footage. Channels on youtube such as Machinima, RoosterTeeth, dsogaming and JamesNintendoNerd will be destroyed if this bill is passed! Normally I don't ask for this, but please thumb this up so other people can see it, as well as copy and paste this into other gaming videos TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD" - Moderndaypwner

Oh wait, maybe not that last one....

See for yourself below.

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