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Free money: 5 games that could make a success of free-to-play

Activision's Call of Duty Online is the latest game to make the jump to free-to-play. We know it's a controversial subject, but it's difficult to deny some franchises have made a success of the freemium business model - whether we like its often 'play 2 win' stance or not.

Which other big gaming series could print money with a F2P version? Here are our suggestions - give us yours in the comments below.

Monster Hunter


In 2007 Capcom launched Monster Hunter Frontier, a PC and Xbox 360 MMO that requires players to pay a subscription. Despite the incredible popularity of the franchise MonHunFron (apparently that's what it's called) hasn't really set the world on fire. Capcom could breathe new life into it by making the switch to free-to-play and monetising weapons, armour and other items. That'll give it a bit of a jumpstart and if we're lucky get it released in the western world too.

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