Sega teases NiGHTS HD... or something

High-res image of Stick Canyon has NiGHTS fans bouncing in chairs

Sega is teasing NiGHTS fans with a mystery screenshot that everyone who cares hopes means a HD remake of the Saturn classic is on its way.


The high-res image in the right clearly shows Stick Canyon - a level from the classic - with modern-day visuals. What could it be?

This is dangerous turf Sega is treading on, because if this anything but a HD remake we predict keyboards slammed through monitors and angry proclamations of this being "some kind of sick joke".

And, as Joystiq notes, it could easily be something far less exciting than a remake, such as a screen from a race track in the new Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Don't get too excited just yet...

[ SOURCE: Facebook ]