Blizzard denies Diablo 3 Linux ban rumours

Disgruntled Linux users point the finger at Blizzard's cheat detection

Blizzard has issued a statement denying claims that it's banning Diablo 3 players for running the game on Linux.


Users playing on a Linux operating system use software called 'WINE' to run Windows applications - including Windows games such as Diablo 3.

But a post on the Diablo 3 forums claims that Linux users are receiving bans despite claiming to have done nothing wrong.

Blizzard begs to differ. "We've extensively tested for false positive situations, including replicating system setups for those who have posted claiming they were banned unfairly," it said. "We've not found any situations that could produce a false positive, have found that the circumstances for which they were banned were clear and accurate, and we are extremely confident in our findings."

The developer went on to assert: "Playing the game on Linux, although not officially supported, will not get you banned - cheating will."

The thread continues, however, with users blaming Blizzard's automatic cheat detection software detecting WINE as a cheat.

If you're a Linux user playing Diablo 3, let us know how you've been getting on with it below.

Via Shacknews.