Miyamoto: 3DS museum guides could be 'core business' for Nintendo

Mario creator eyes odd diversification for the games giant

Nintendo made the jump from playing cards to video games years ago. Now Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto thinks the firm can diversify once again - into museum guides.


Speaking with investors recently, Miyamoto referred to the 'Audioguide Louvre' software Nintendo released for the 3DS - a free download that acts as a private tour for visitors of the Louvre museum - as potentially big business for Nintendo in future.

"One big thing I recently handled is the Audioguide Louvre - Nintendo 3DS, referred to earlier in this meeting," said Miyamoto. "This has not made money yet, but it has the potential to be one of our core businesses in the future," he went on.

Miyamoto later said that, aside from overseeing numerous game projects, he now spends much of his time thinking about other fields for Nintendo to invest in. "I do not have any concrete visions yet, but I am trying to keep my eyes on a variety of fields and to find any small possibilities for Nintendo to be involved in one way or the other," he said.

Theme parks, Miyamoto. We want a Nintendo theme park.

Thanks Joystiq.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]