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The men and women shaping the future of gaming

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Jonathan Blow
Studio: Self-titled
Twitter: @jonathan_blow
Current Projec: The Witness
Career Highlight: Braid
Shaping the future by: Expecting - and rewarding - brains
The man behind Braid is a staunchly independent developer who's challenged the mainstream to do better. Blow's next project, The Witness, is a pure puzzler set on an island. We're hoping the PC exclusive tag won't stick.


Tim Schafer
Studio: Double Fine Productions
Twitter: @timoflegend
Current Project: Cave
Career Highlight: The Secret Of Monkey Island
Shaping the future by: Leading invention on XBLA
Schafer's first big project was working on the script for Monkey Island. Since then, all his projects have combined game and gags. More recently, his studio, Double Fine, have matched their comedy smarts with innovative design to create superb XBLA titles such as Stacking and Costume Quest, which offer both RPG elements and a sense of pure playfulness.


Yoshinori Ono
Studio: Capcom
Twitter: @yoshi_onochin
Current Project: Mystery Capcom fighter
Career Highlight: Street Fighter IV
Shaping the future by: Reinventing the beat-'em-up
A long-time fan of Street Fighter, Ono was incredulous to find his pitch for Street Fighter IV accepted by Capcom. By reassembling much of the team that made SFII he struck gold, reinvigorating an entire genre. Now Ono is in charge of the first ever crossover between SF and Tekken.

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