Xbox World's 20 smartest developers today

The men and women shaping the future of gaming

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Peter Molyneux
Studio: 22 Cans
Twitter: @pmolyneux
Current Project: Unknown
Career Highlight: Fable 2
Shaping the future by: Unleashing his creativity regardless of practical application
Molyneux is a one-man idea factory. His first project with new studio, 22 Cans, is coming this month and he claims he'll soon make his "greatest game ever".


Shinji Mikami
Studio: Platinum Games
Twitter: @shinji_mikami_e
Current Project: Zwei
Career Highlight: Resident Evil 4
Shaping the future by: Redefining the action genre and pursuing singular vision despite crushing opposition
Mikami's Resident Evil 4 was rebuilt four times before he shifted the focus from horror to action. Capcom threatened to end the series should he fail, and his team were dismayed. Result? A classic. For more on his new studio, Tango.


Jordan Thomas
Studio: 2K Marin
Twitter: None
Current Project: XCOM
Career Highlight: BioShock 2
Shaping the future by: Being a champion of thoughtful design
Thomas is famous for his lauded, terrifying 'Cradle' level in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Since then he's designed the underrated BioShock 2, and is now directing XCOM, an intelligent, tactical shooter.

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