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Stefan Strandberg
Studio: DICE
Twitter: None
Current Project: Unknown
Career Highlight: Battlefield Bad Company 2
Shaping the future by: Besigning unrivalled soundscapes
Stefan Strandberg started at DICE eight years ago, working on the brilliant, but sadly underappreciated Rallisport Challenge 2. Since then he's become an audio director, winning a BAFTA for best use of audio in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Strandberg and his team are seen as the best in the industry, and have recently shared their expertise with the Mass Effect 3 team at BioWare.


Ken Levine
Studio: Irrational Games
Twitter: @iglevine
Current Project: BioShock Infinite
Career Highlight: System Shock 2
Shaping the future by: Championing complex ideas without compromise
Levine boldly infused shooter BioShock with references to objectivism. This philosophical movement, founded by Ayn Rand, was a key influence on US bank chief Alan Greenspan - whose policies indirectly led to the global finanical meltdown. Infinite has similarly grand inspiration; physicists like Einstein and Heisenberg, and the ideals of American exceptionalism. Few devs so adeptly weld big ideas to accessible design.

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