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Codemasters 'actively working on GRID 2' - report

Long-awaited sequel finally on its way?

Race Driver: GRID released way back in 2008 and people liked it. A lot. So where the bloody hell's the sequel? It's coming, according to the Official Xbox Magazine UK.


The rumours page of the latest issue of OXM gives GRID fans a new reason to be excited. "The GRID team at Codemasters is actively working on GRID 2," says the magazine. "It's likely to arrive after the release of F1 2012."

F1 2012 is expected to hit shops in September, so it's possible Codies could be eyeing a late 2012 release for the currently unannounced sequel.

There have been whispers of a GRID 2 stretching back to 2010, so an announcement is overdue. But with Codemasters having recently made the shift to a dedicated racing development studio, we wouldn't be surprised to hear something more concrete soon.