Could Epic Mickey 3 be an interactive music game?

Parts of Epic Mickey 2 could point to third game in series

Warren Spector has hinted at the possibility of an interactive music game for his Epic Mickey series.


Spector has provided fresh insight into the workings behind Epic Mickey in a recent interview. "One of the parts of my process is I figure out a three-story arc, like a narrative arc," he told IGN, hinting that an Epic Mickey 3 is all but inevitable.

"I always knew that the second game was gonna be two-player co-op and that Oswald was gonna be a playable character," Spector explained. "I knew that in 2005. That was a done deal."

He went on to discuss the music levels in Epic Mickey 2, explaining that they may be a portent of things to come. "[They're] baby steps to create a full-blown interactive musical game", explaining that he put them there to test the water.

"If people will accept songs in games... next time I'm going crazy. People don't even know what's gonna hit 'em."