Confessions of a Trophy Addict

Iain Wilson on the depths he's sunk to in his pursuit of Trophies

This article originally appeared in PSM3 magazine.

The clock has struck midnight. I'm no longer sure how many hours I've been playing this game for. I'm lost in the single-minded pursuit of collectables. Finally, as I discover the last item, I feel a wave of satisfaction as that final pling signifies another Trophy set has been completed.


So where did my obsession with virtual silverware come from? I've always been a bit of a completionist when it comes to games, as working through them to find all collectables, secrets and the like appeals to my OCD nature. Before the days of Trophies I was already doing this on certain titles - I spent months getting 100% completion on GTA: Vice City and all I got was that lousy t-shirt! It still felt like I had achieved something big, but other than inviting people round to see my new outfit there wasn't an outlet to demonstrate what I had done.

With the arrival of Trophies that all changed, as there was now a way to represent these accomplishments and proudly show them off to others. By collecting these awards I could demonstrate my gaming prowess and commitment to completion.

Collecting Trophies changed the way I approach games. One of the first things I do now after getting a new game is scan through the Trophy list, so I can efficiently maximise my collecting on the first play. It's given me another reason to explore areas and modes of games that otherwise I might not have bothered with.


One of the major downsides to Trophy collecting is going for awards requiring massive amounts of grinding to unlock. It's so frustrating to finish a game's story, sometimes several times, then be left with one or more Trophies that need hours of repetition to unlock, although this can sometimes lead to creative solutions.

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