Rage announcement 'coming soon', teases id

"We haven't forgotten about the title," says developer

id Software's studio director Tim Willits has said that the developer hasn't forgotten about Rage and, in fact, has something to reveal soon.


"We have a few things that we may announce soon, but I'm not sure," teased Willits when asked about the game.

"We haven't forgotten about the title, and as soon as we have more news, we will definitely announce it," he went on, without offering any further hints.

Those of you who can remember as far back as January will be wondering if it could be the DLC that was teased by PEGI ratings. The European classification board rated 'Rage: The Scorchers', suggesting DLC was on its way.

The 'Scorchers' are a clan originally cut from the game, and that Bethesda / Zenimax had submitted the title to PEGI makes it seem pretty clear that it was Rage DLC.

Sounds like we'll find out for sure soon.

[ SOURCE: Game Reactor ]