Anarchy Reigns videos show off multiplayer violence

Check out Battle Royal, Mad of War, and Tag Match in the delayed action game

To mark the Japanese launch of Anarchy Reigns, Sega has released three videos from the game's multiplayer modes that it won't let you play until 2013.


Three videos below each show a different competitive mode; Battle Royal, Mad of War, and Tag Match.

The sweet-looking brawler launched in Japan today but, despite being localised and technically ready for launch in The West, Sega decided to hold the game back until 2013 as it waits for "the best time to put it out".

This was apparently a decision it made without the knowledge of developer Platinum Games, who issued a sincere apology to western gamers, and in a rather unorthodox move, nudged gamers gently towards importers (the Japanese version is region-free and contains full English language support).

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[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]