Human Element will blur the line between reality and game

Google Maps and Foursquare bring zombies into real life

Robert Bowling's first game through Robotoki, Human Element, will merge the real world with a game world.


Human Element is dated for release in 2015, but former Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling isn't short on details about his first game with new upstart Robotoki.

In an interview with Gameindustry, Bowling says Human Element will be a "cross-genre, cross-platform experience". While the main game will be on PC and console, an iPad game will also be available and will tie-in with the main story.

While the iPad version will task the player with scavenging for supplies and items, Bowling promises it will involve "taking your real world and merging it with your game world."

Bowling explains it with a simple situation: "you're playing Human Element and you get injured...You're hurt and need medical supplies. You don't want to risk going out to forage in the game world, or maybe you did and can't find anything, but you know that there's a pharmacy four miles down the road in the real world...You open up Human Element on your iPad. We're overlaying the world of Human Element onto the Googlemaps API, FourSquare business API, we're taking your real world and merging it with your game world."

Wherever there is GPS map data, the Human Element can connect to it, giving you new locations to look for supplies. Of course, anything you do in the iPad game will be transferred to your character in the main game.

[ SOURCE: Gamesindustry International ]