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CVG Classics: Sonic review, Mega CD revealed

Issue 117, August 1991: "USA Special!"

Believe it or not, CVG was born as what is referred to as a "magazine", where websites were magically printed onto paper and content could be accessed by "turning pages".


If you're too young to remember our illustrious print history, you might find some amusement from the simple days of 16k gaming, which we plan to liberate from the archive in a new weekly feature.

If you do remember the halcyon days of CVG magazine then prepare yourself - because you might just shed a tear due to the sheer amount of nostalgia we're about to dig up and stick on your monitor.

If there's anything in particular not featured here that you'd like to see featured in future CVG Classic updates, please do let us know in the comments. Our scanner is ready.

Right: Issue 117's Pit Fighter cover art lasers its way into your brain and STAYS THERE FOREVER thanks to a winning combination of BDSM bongo suit, razor-sharp breasticles and sunbed ultra-tan. Amazing.


In this issue, the CVG team bemoaned the absolute dominance of "budget" software in the all formats chart, with only Eye of the Beholder (US Gold, Amiga) and PGA Tour Golf (EA, Amiga) managing to break in to the top 20. Will Sonic buck the trend? "We've a distinct feeling that yet another budget title will sit at the top of the stack next month."

  1. Magic Land Dizzy (Spectrum) - Codemasters
  2. Quatro Cartoon (C64) - Codemasters
  3. Dizzy Panic (Spectrum) - Codemasters
  4. Dragon Ninja (Spectrum) - Hit Squad
  5. Multimixx 1 Golf (C64) - Kixx
  6. Double Dragon (C64) - Mastertronic
  7. Paperboy (C64) - Encore
  8. Fantasy World Dizzy (Spectrum) - Codemasters
  9. Continental Circus (Spectrum) - Mastertronic
  10. Red Heat (C64) - Hit Squad



In August 1991, CVG Managing Editor Julian 'Jaz' Rignall pulled rank and flew off to the Summer CES Show in Chicago, where he proceeded to work hard on "64-oz steaks and lemon shots", as well as looking at some games too. Sega dominated the show apparently, with Mega Drive titles such as Toe Jam & Earl, Phantasy Star III and Streets of Rage on display in the States.

The most exciting news though came not from North America but Japan, as the first info on the Mega CD landed. First word on the Mega Drive add-on was that it would include "vast" memory storage and improved graphics.

The CVG team gushed: "It also allows the rotation of sprites - and even the Super Famicom can't manage that!"




Neil J Smith from Ashford expressed familiar pains: "I've become very concerned in the past few months with the video games industry. Too many companies are manufacturing games which are simply variations on a theme. When will someone come on the scene and breathe life into the games?

"Most companies seem more concerned with cranking out a quick shoot 'em up"

"Although it may be true that many new games have superior graphics and audio capabilities, it's also true that many games are unimaginative. How often must we rescue our girlfriends from some rebel gang, overthrow an evil king or save the world from an alien invasion?

"It's even worse when a game presents an innovative storyline but then fails to carry out the promise on screen. It also appears that the life-span of games is shorter. Many games that are supposed to be long and difficult can be polished off in a matter of hours or days. What is going on?

"I hope that someday the giants of this industry will realise that people are looking for real storylines, not just an excuse to kill somebody. Most companies seem more concerned with cranking out a quick shoot 'em up for a quick quid than with producing a playable game with real value."

CVG's response: "So where were you while the rest of the computer games world grew up, eh? Still playing the first level of Jet Set Willy? There's some sense it what you say, but you're about a year out of date since there are some truly great games coming onto the market right now."



"The first wave was easy. The second will drown you."