Activision Leeds 'making all mobile Call of Duty games'

New British development hub said to be building iOS and Android editions

Activision's recently established Leeds studio is reportedly responsible for development of "all handheld [and] iOS versions of Call of Duty" going forward.


That's according to UK games industry veteran Andy Payne, OBE and chairman of trade body UKIE, who told VideoGamer: "Activision are like a machine. I have to be careful what I say about these guys because I know them so well and they'll cane me.

"But... they're very good, and you know what, what people don't realise with Activision is, the two studios working on the Call of Duty franchise are collaborative studios. That's unheard of. All the assets are reusable, so they're not wasting time.

"And those assets are also going to be starting to be used by the mobile team, which is going to be based in Leeds."

While Activision has refused to comment on the report, the publisher confirmed in May that it had established a new UK-based studio with the help of Martyn Brown, a co-founder of Worms developer Team17.

Payne said he isn't sure if Activision Leeds is responsible for the upcoming Vita game Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, but he did appear to confirm previous reports that a number of former Rockstar employees are on the payroll at the young studio.

"[Activision] kind of always wanted to get the Rockstar team," he said, referring to the Rockstar Leeds studio that worked on portable GTA games for PSP, DS and iOS.

"They wanted some of the Rockstar guys, yeah. Well it's smart, because Britain's pretty ahead in mobile programming. We're pretty good at it. Yet again, we're good at it but we don't talk about it too much because we're British."

Call of Duty: World at War Zombies and Black Ops Zombies for iOS were developed by London-based Ideaworks Game Studio.

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