Sleeping Dogs movie: UFC champ helps deliver 'next level melee combat'

Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre lends his fighting expertise to the open-world action game

Square Enix has launched a new Sleeping Dogs trailer focused on the upcoming title's melee combat.


French Canadian mixed martial artist and the current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre has lent his fighting know-how to developer United Front Games, as revealed in the movie below.

And what do you get when you mix a UFC champ's knowledge with a game set in a "visceral open-world" Hong Kong? "Next level melee combat," according to publisher Square.

"Fighting is not just physical, it's about who has the most knowledge," St-Pierre says.

Square Enix has confirmed a Sleeping Dogs August 14 release date in the US, with the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game set to hit Europe three days later. The game has been censored in Japan, where it has received an Adults Only rating, meaning consumers will have to ask for the game by name at store counters.

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