Paul McCartney 'writing music' for Bungie

Former Halo studio working with McCartney on Activision project

Sir Paul McCartney is working with Bungie on music for developer's secret Activision project.


The Beatles man confirmed as much with a Twitter post earlier today. "I'm really excited to be working on writing music with Bungie, the studio that made Halo," he said.

McCartney added the above picture to the post showing speaking with Bungie's much-loved composer Marty O'Donnell.

Bungie's first game for Activision - and since handing Halo development over to 343 Industries - has been mostly shrouded in complete secrecy.

However, in a strange turn of events, the legal battle between Activision and former Infinity Ward employees outed a contract between Bungie and Activision which revealed that a series of "action shooter" titles codenamed Destiny would be the next big thing from Bungie, including four games and four downloadable expansion packs (Comet) covering eight years.

That and plenty more juicy details were revealed through the above link.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]