Imageepoch's Tokitowa JRPG could be westernised

Twitter interaction hints at localisation

Thanks to a curious and hopeful fan, news of a possible western release for the JRPG Tokitowa has been brought to light.


While Imageepoch's games have largely remained Japanese only titles, the first HD animation RPG Tokitowa could see an international release. Imageepoch's CEO Ryoei Mikage hinted in a Twitter post that contracts for the localistion of Tokitowa are in the works.

A follower of Mikage asked "please, please bring Tokitowa to the west. It could be the evolution on RPGs." Mikage responded with "the project is progressing" and "it contracts soon [localisation]."

These tweets presumably tell us that Imageepoch is working with studio's to contract a studio to localise the title. Namco Bandai seems like a possible contender for publishing in the west, due to the fact the company is the publisher in Japan.

What other JRPGs would you like to see have a western release?