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Resident Evil 6 commercial brings the fear

Spooky TV spot airs in Japan

Capcom has launched a new Resident Evil 6 commercial.


Airing in Japan from today until July 22, the 15-second TV spot aims to portray the feeling of "fear" the game has been designed to evoke, according to Andriasang.

It also highlights a pre-order bonus in the form of three Mercenaries stages - The Catacombs, High Seas Fortress and Rail Yard.

Close Close

The recently released Resident Evil 6 demo may have inadvertently revealed a currently unannounced campaign starring Ada Wong.

The game already features three campaigns with different gameplay styles for Leon Kennedy, Jake Muller and Chris Redfield, but data files hidden within the demo's code suggest a fourth story section could also be included, or perhaps released as DLC.

The demo offers Leon, Chris and Jake sections - check out video of each of them here.

Resident Evil 6 is due for release on October 2.