Starbreeze's P13 will 'bring something new to the table'

CEO also says the Syndicate developer is "never going to do free-to-play"

Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark has said the Syndicate and Chronicles of Riddick studio is set to bring "something unique and new to the table in terms of gaming" with its next title, P13.


"People are going to be very surprised that Starbreeze is doing this game," he told our friends at Edge.

""I can't say [whether or not it's an FPS], but I think we're bringing something unique and new to the table in terms of gaming. That's how cocky I'm going to be!"

Nermark went on to comment on the dangers of the free-to-play games model.

"We're never going to do free-to-play, because then you have to cater to everyone out there - that's costly and it's hard," he explained. "We're probably going to go down the road of cheap to play. Would we go all out? No, I don't think I'm going to bet on just one business model.

"I mean, we did only work for hire for a time, and we're not going to leave that, or the triple-A space, but we're going to keep that and do the smaller, downloadable self-funded stuff like P13 and Payday 2 and we're going to dabble in other areas too. Multiple different business models, multiple different games. To rely on one business model is very risky."

In March, Starbreeze announced "cheap-to-play" game Cold Mercury.

The following month, the studio acquired Payday developer Overkill Software, which is currently working on Left4Dead tie-in content.

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