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Sim City creator thinks game industry is too "risk averse"

Another developer lashes out at the industry

Following David Cage's comments last week that the games industry needs more innovation, now it's time for Sim City creator Will Wright to sound off on the industry.


Speaking to Games Industry International Will Wright shared his thoughts on the current state of the industry and where its headed.

Wright believes that the industry has become "risk-averse" and instead of publishers paying the big bucks to get a title out there, "it's going to become a Zynga-type environment where people start small and try to grow it up. [That's a model that] encourages experimentation."

This is by no means a bad thing for the industry, as Wright explains, because the ability to "do a game for an extremely low cost, put it out there and see if it gets any traction is going to encourage more diversity."

While the industry faces the changing of business models, Wright sees the future of gaming to be in the cloud. "People have so many devices they carry around. They have their tablets, their smartphones, their PC at home, their Xbox - I think that having a game that's accessible on all these devices at any time is going to be much more sticky than something you have to go home and play on your PC or only play on your iPhone."

With the gaming world entering the cloud and free-to-play business models, Wright says "the console guys are running scared."

"Not so much because of the hardware," he qualified, "but because the business models, free-to-play and that kind of thing, have shifted underneath them."

Wright himself says his new project - which he was unable to share details of - will be multi-platform as "I don't want to be committed to any one platform - I want to be accessible on a variety of platforms."