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Final Fantasy 7 PC: Character Booster will be free to use

Square Enix confirms game won't feature microtransactions

Square Enix has said players won't be charged to use the new 'Character Booster' feature in the PC re-release of Final Fantasy 7.


"No, the Character Booster will not cost real money to use," a Square Enix representative told Kotaku.

The Character Booster lets players "increase HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button".

The new addition raised a few eyebrows, and the more cynical corner of the internet hypothesised the oddly-timed re-release was so the publisher could get a slice of the microtransaction pie.

The lack of pricing details also led to speculation that the game would be free-to-play. Square Enix has neither confirmed nor denied the whispers.

"We'll have final pricing info on the game to share soon, but we can confirm that there will be no microtransactions for the upcoming re-release of Final Fantasy VII," the publisher said.

The upcoming Final Fantasy VII re-release is the second time the classic JRPG has appeared on PC. The latest version will boast cloud saves and achievements.