Final Hours of Tomb Raider goes behind the scenes with new Lara Croft

Zachary Levi pulls back the curtain on the reboot

Crystal Dynamics has partnered with Geoff Keighley to produce a 'Final Hours of' behind-the-scenes documentary for its Tomb Raider reboot.


Hosted by Chuck actor and one-time presenter of the Spike VGAs Zachary Levi, the first entry in the series talks to Camilla Luddington, who was revealed as the new Lara Croft last month.

The Ascot, England born actress has previously appeared in Californication and True Blood. In the video she discusses the pressures of becoming the new face of Lara, as well as what she thinks of how the gaming icon has been reimagined.

She also speaks in a really confusing accent that ping-pongs between English, American and Maori. Take a look:

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