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Skyrim: Rags to Riches - Join Olaf on a quest for fame, fortune, and shoes

Can we get rich in Skyrim as an average Joe? No quests, no dragons - just hard work...

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Day 3 - Middas, 20th of Last Seed

There's plenty of firewood in Whiterun to chop - but no axes. We try every shop, but to no avail. So we decide to head for Riverwood, a nearby logging town which is only a few hours away. We buy a carrot for breakfast, then head off. Besides a few wolf attacks, the journey is uneventful. We reach Riverwood by 2pm, but the general store doesn't have any axes either, and the owner keeps trying to give us a dangerous quest. This is the worst logging town ever.

We leave the shop and explore, and find an axe lying unattended by a log pile. It isn't marked as owned, but it feels wrong to take it without telling anyone, so we leave a cabbage in its place as payment. Hardly of equal value, but it makes us feel better. We test it out on a nearby tree stump and sell what we cut to a local man named Hod for 90 gold. Back to Whiterun.


We chop another two piles of wood for Hulda at the Bannered Mare, and make an incredible 180 gold. That's our biggest haul yet, and now we can afford some dinner, a room for the night, and a hunting bow. Everything's coming up Olaf. We buy some grilled beef for dinner, then a bow from Adrianne Avenicci and... we can only afford four arrows. Brilliant.

Well, we're getting there. We have boots, a bow, and a dagger now. We can chop some more wood tomorrow and buy more arrows, then it's time for some serious hunting. But now all that's left to do is go to bed. We really need to try and find somewhere to sleep for free. Paying 10 gold a night for a room at the Mare is seriously eating into our profits.


Day 4 - Turdas, 21st of Last Seed

We get up at the crack of dawn and chop two piles of wood for Hulda - enough to buy a quiver of 20 iron arrows. Out on the plains, we've risen to the top of the food chain. Olaf's sneaking and archery improves rapidly as we creep around the wilderness killing elk, wolves, and foxes effortlessly with our new bow. The slow-mo kill cams, newly added in a recent Skyrim patch, make the hunt even sweeter. Our inventory is heaving with meat and pelts. Hooray!

Our final haul is 3 elk, 5 wolves, 3 foxes, and 2 mudcrabs. Belethor gives us a more reasonable 77 gold for the lot, and we celebrate by having an apple pie for lunch. Keen to hunt more prey, we get back out into the fields around Whiterun. As we're stalking an elk through the shrubbery, we spot a herd of mammoths and a camp of giants.


We're about to skirt around it, when suddenly we spot something by their campfire: a dead sabre cat. That pelt has to be worth a fortune! But how do we get it? Giants are docile until you enter their territory, then they get busy with their giant clubs. Olaf is no fighter, but he also loves money. Foolishly, we decide to sneak into the giant's camp and nab the pelt.

Olaf is not a member of the Thieves Guild. He'd make a terrible Dark Brotherhood assassin. Hell, just two days ago he was unable to outsmart a deer. But here he is, creeping into a camp full of dangerous, club-wielding giants. We inch through the camp slowly, approaching the sabre cat. We're almost there, but then one of the giants spots us. Oh boy.

Dun dun dun! What will become of poor, hapless Olaf? Hunting isn't paying the bills, and stealing from giants is hazardous to his health. Proudspire Manor is looking more out of reach than ever, but at least he has shoes now, eh? That's something. Check back on Friday for the next part of Olaf's ridiculous quest...

[UPDATE: Part two is now live!]

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