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Silent Hill HD Collection PS3 patch 'improves framerate, voice synch'

Also adds missing sounds and music, fixes other issues

Konami has released a patch for PS3's buggy Silent Hill HD Collection.


Designed to fix a variety of visual and audio issues, the update weighs in at 348MB, according to Strategy Informer.

Here's the list of fixes:

  • Improved Framerate
  • Voice Synch is greatly improved
  • Missing sounds have been fixed
  • Missing music has been addressed
  • Fog density issues are resolved
  • Other minor visual/audio improvements

Launched in March, Silent Hill HD Collection bundles the second and third games from the survival horror series and gives them a fresh coat of paint with high definition visuals.

The superb soundtrack and the dialogue for both games were also re-recorded, and Silent Hill 2 features the exclusive stages from the original Director's Cut release.

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