BioWare details Mass Effect 3 'Earth' DLC

As rumored, six classes, guns and first screens

After much rumour and leakage, BioWare has decided to make the contents of its free Mass Effect 3 'Earth' DLC pack official.


So it's got:

- Three maps; Rio, Vancouver, and London.

- Three new weapons; Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon assault rifle.

- Six new human N7 classes: Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept!

As BioWare explains: "Firebase Rio, Vancouver, and London are available to play on as soon as Mass Effect 3: Earth is downloaded. The new weapons, characters, and equipment are available as rewards inside existing Reinforcement Packs."

Earth will be available on July 17 for Xbox 360 and PC worldwide. For PS3 owners the pack will be available on July 17 in US and July 18 in Europe.

First official screenshots are below.