Steam Big Picture Mode still coming - Valve

And 'soon' according to Valve business development director Jason Holtman

Valve hasn't forgotten about Steam Big Picture mode - the announced but still under wraps new feature to bring Steam games to your TV.


Valve announced way back in February 2011 that it's to bring TV support to Steam via a "big picture" mode, but has said little of it since.

But the mystery new functionality is "coming soon", according to Valve business development director Jason Holtman speaking at Develop.

"We have all this great content, and it's super good looking. You own Skyrim on Steam, and a huge television, and 5.1 Surround, why wouldn't you want to see it there," he said. "Customers are constantly saying, I've got all this content from you, and I've got this other great display device and sound device - can you make this work?"

He went on to say that Big Picture mode is an experiment that Valve really wants to get right. "We'll ship and see what happens. We're agnostic as to how people plug that in and how they use it. We're trying to make it a really good initial experience, and then see what happens," added Holtman.

According to Valve back in 2011, "Big picture mode will enable gamers to enjoy Steam and their library of Steam games on more screens throughout the house."

[ SOURCE: PCGamesN ]