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Rare working on next-gen, free-to-play?

Job listings point to freemium business models for next Xbox

Job listings have further corroborated the next-gen plans of Microsoft studio Rare.


According to a job opening posted last week (via Kotaku), Rare is searching for an engineer who can "understand, assess and be capable of implementing real-time rendering techniques made possible by DirectX 11". DX 11 is, of course, not supported by the current Xbox.

Far more interesting though is another Rare opening posted on Microsoft's jobs portal, which lists "experience around delivering and running online services or Free-to-play experiences" as a "distinct advantage" for potential applicants.

Could Microsoft's next-gen strategy accommodate free-to-play models then? According to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli the freemium model is "the future of consoles".

Fellow Microsoft UK studio Lionhead is rumoured to be working on an MMO-like RPG and it could be that Rare is assisting development of the title.

A final Rare job listing mentions the studio is "continuing to push the boundaries of the Kinect hardware with our exciting new project." Kinect Sports 3 then? Highly likely.