'If it whips up a storm in the Daily Mail, then great' - Carmageddon dev

But studio confesses: 'We did not know how controversial the game would be'

Barmy development legends at Stainless Games don't appear too concerned over the national media outrage for their upcoming game, Carmageddon.


The riotous racer, first released in 1997 and now due for a 2012 revival, has on many occasions been subject of berserk newspaper headlines which condemn its violent content.

But Neil Barnden, a director at the game's studio Stainless, told a games industry audience today that the national coverage meant great publicity for the game.

"If it whips up a storm in the Daily Mail, then great," he told the crowd at the Develop Conference.

Barnden also surprised the packed audience when claiming that the Stainless team "didn't quite realise the first Carmageddon was going to be as controversial as it was".

Long-bearded co-director Patrick Buckland, meanwhile, insisted that the game's controversial content has been overplayed in the media. He described the content as "Tom and Jerry violence", and insisted that the priority is to make the game fun.

The Carmageddon reboot is due for iOS release in early 2013.

Buckland joked that the team would be "heartbroken" if the new game doesn't spin an MP into an outrage.

"But humour is the key selling point of the new game," he added.

"There are so few games that let people laugh out loud. We really hope this one will."

Elsewhere in his Develop Conference talk, Buckland confessed that the studio's most testing period was around a decade ago, when the staff count had dwindled to "just six people".

However, now with the ownership of the Carmageddon IP in tow, Buckland revealed that the team has grown to more than fifty people.

"We are fantastically excited to get our IP back - had been trying to for years," he added.