Viktor Antonov: Games deserve their own Blade Runner metropolises

'There is not enough off these places, with depth and personality that do not exist on Google Maps'

One of the industry's most respected art directors believes that games are ideal platforms on which to provide a fresh take on the sci-fi city landscape.


Viktor Antonov, the man who helped invent Half-Life 2's City 17, told an industry audience that the games industry "needs more realistic science fiction shooters".

Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Antonov lamented what he sees as the homogeny of art styles in games. He cited the landscapes of Metropolis and Blade Runner as ideal examples of what the industry should aim for.

"There's not enough of these places, with depth and personality that you can't find on Google Maps."

Antonov is currently working with a well publicised art team on Arkane Studios' upcoming shooter, Dishonored.

For Dishonored, the art team was given three months to build a brand new city that would largely underpin the atmosphere of the game, Antonov said.

He explained how he based the game's location on London, suggesting that the city is "both exotic and familiar" for Europeans and Americans.