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GTA 5: 2 new screenshots released

No new information "for a while" says Rockstar

Rockstar has released two new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5, giving us an overhead and ground-level view of San Andreas.

The screens were sneakily tucked into Rockstar's latest Asked & Answered post on its official blog.

Unfortunately, Rockstar also revealed it won't be in a position to show more GTA 5 footage "for a while yet".

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We've had very few details on GTA5 since its initial reveal last year. However in March someone claiming to be a friend of a disgruntled ex-Rockstar employee released GTA5 details on the its protagonist and map, however it has not been confirmed whether these are real.

The release date of Rockstars fifth entry has been the subject of fierce speculation too. Numerous CVs and analysts have suggested an October 2012 GTA 5 release date.

However, Take-Two's own financial guidance hinted the GTA release will be in April 2013.

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