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BLOG: Konami error in Metal Gear Solid 5 'debunk'

Konami earlier today appeared to deny the Metal Gear Solid 5 logo rumours by claiming that the hoaxer had got in touch with them. It turns out this isn't quite accurate.

[UPDATE] Hideo Kojima has claimed the logo is 'completely fake'.

Konami misidentified the person who started a thread on NeoGaf as the person who first uploaded the MGS5 images on the web. The NeoGaf post was in fact linking to a Reddit article, which doesn't name its source.

The reason this detail is important is because the person who started the thread on NeoGaf did in fact get in touch with Konami on Twitter. His message is displayed below.

And so, the person was incorrectly identified by Konami as the origin of the hoax, when in fact the legitimacy of the images are unknown.

Hope that's cleared things up?