EA details 'landmark' Origin update 9.0

Friends list, game library, overall performance and more improved

EA will begin rolling out "a landmark update" to its digital download service Origin in the coming days.


Origin 9.0 will initially be available to players who have opted in to beta updates, and will go live for everyone else soon after.

The publisher says user suggestions and feedback have played a key role in driving many of the service's new features, which include:

  • Unlike in previous versions of Origin, where your friends list was fused to the main client window, the list in 9.0 is free-floating and mobile, making it easier to chat both in-game and out:
  • Another big change in 9.0 is our revamp of the My Games library. First off, we've added a slider to let you resize game images, so you can make them as small... Or as large... As you like.
  • Many of you will also be happy to hear that we've heeded your requests and moved forward production of our in-game clock. Bring up Origin In-Game in 9.0 and you'll see it featured prominently in the upper right-hand corner:
  • And last (but in many ways first), we've improved the overall performance of the client, making 9.0 an even smoother experience for Origin gamers.

Earlier this week, EA's Origin boss David DeMartini acknowledged that some core gamers have "issues" with the service.