LotR: Guardians of Middle Earth gameplay trailer features Gollum, Gandalf

Shows guerrilla tactics and support abilities in the arena-based game

Warner Bros has sent over a new trailer for Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-earth.


Developed by FEAR developer Monolith and designed to tie-in with the upcoming Hobbit movie, the arena-based multiplayer game sees two teams of up to five players trading blows.

The 'Battle Profile' gameplay video gives you a sneak peek at the strengths, weaknesses and abilities of Gollum and Gandalf, ahead of the game's release this autumn on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Warner says: "From the guerrilla tactics of Gollum's fast and strong attacks but weak resistances to Gandalf's support driven abilities to deal and take a tremendous amount of damage, players will find that the strategy and tactics in Guardians of Middle-earth knows no bounds."

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