New Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC out now - gameplay videos

Check out Offshore, Decommission and Terminal

Infinity Ward has launched the latest batch of Modern Warfare 3 DLC.


Xbox 360 owners signed up to Call of Duty Elite can now access two brand new multiplayer maps (Offshore and Decommission), a fan favourite MW2 multiplayer map (Terminal), plus a fresh Spec Ops mission (Vertigo). Full details on the content can be found here.

Terminal will be released free of charge for non-Elite 360 owners tomorrow.

Meanwhile, on July 19 PS3 Elite members will gain access to the content that hit Xbox 360 last month: three Face Off maps (Vortex. U-Turn, Intersection) and a Spec Ops mission (Arctic Recon).

Gameplay videos for the new multiplayer maps follow:

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