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Hitmen rack up over 32 million kills in the Hitman Sniper Challenge

That's a lot of wasted marks in anyone's book...

The Hitman Sniper challenge - our team-up with Square Enix where you get a chance to prove yourself as the ultimate assassin - continues at pace.

So popular is it since going live last month on May 15, budding Agent 47's from around the world including our own brave CVG readers, have racked up some 32 million kills, taking down Richard Strong and his dark-suited bodyguards in a welter of silenced bullets and sneaky stealth assassination.

Rumours that this may well be responsible for the shortfall in security personnel for G4S's Olympic contract are currently unconfirmed.


Don't forget we're only half way through July so there's still 14 days to go and plenty of time and ample opportunity to claim those Hitman goodies, including an iPad 2 and Sennheiser headphones, for your very own.

Click on through this ">Hitmen Sniper Challenge link to get full details on how to enter, but and if you fancy checking out the competition, there's currently leaderboards for both Xbox 360 and PS3 with a sniper challenge for PC hitmen beginning on Aug 1.

Don't forget, if you want some expert tips on how to complete the challenge like a true Hitman, then go check out our CVG YouTube channel where our fiendish video team has put together a guide to assist you in the art of assassination.

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