Star Wars: Old Republic producer leaves BioWare

Rich Vogel departs amidst layoff rumours

Star Wars: The Old Republic's executive producer Rich Vogel has left BioWare.


Vogel confirmed as much to Gamasutra today as rumours of layoffs at the BioWare Austin studio apparently do the rounds today.

According to Gama, there are whispers of layoffs currently occurring at the developer, although this could be an extension of the "restructuring" measures it announced in May, which confirmed that the developer would be "bidding farewell" to an undisclosed number of staff.

Vogel's career spans 20 years on some major MMO titles including Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and his executive producer role on Star Wars: The Old Republic. His departure reportedly preceded the layoffs taking place at the studio.

BioWare's woes seemingly continue after its expensive MMO shed almost half-a-million users and, in what seems like a attempt to regain some ground, has introduced a free-to-play trial up to character level 15.

There's no word on Vogels plans for the future or his replacement at BioWare.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]