New iPhone game is shockingly Pokémon-like

Out soon provided the copyright police don't shoot it down

You can't get Pokémon on iPhone, and that upsets one group of developers so much that they decided to wade in an developer a Pokémon-like game of their own.


It's called 'Little Masters' and it looks, well... just like Pokémon.

And that's what worries us a little. Pokémon is a brilliant game so, sure, the more similarities the better as far as fans will be concerned. But we're not sure the Pokémon Company's lawyers will be quite as pleased.

The game will be free-to-play, with micro transactions that let you purchase in-game currency, although this currency can also be earned by battling your friends online.

"We are trying to bring the beloved Pokémon-style battle to the iPhone," said a candid rep from developer Riida.

We took one look at the screens (pictured) and thought 'awesome' and 'oh dear' at the same time.

Little Masters is in submission with Apple and if all goes to plan it'll be on the App Store soon.

Thanks Siliconera.

[ SOURCE: Touch Arcade ]