EA Easy Studios manager resigns

Oskar Burman to leave after brief tenure

The general manager of Easy Studios - EA's free-to-play online studio - has departed after only a year in the role.

Burman [centre] with the Easy Studios crew

Okskar Burman replaced his predecessor Ben Cousins in March last year, but has decided to leave Easy Studios to pursue a "new exciting shiny thing".

Burman took to Twitter with news of his departure, writing that "it's been a helluva fun ride. Easy and Battlefield Heroes initiated a parth that changed EA forever. A parth that's now growing to a highway.

"One of the many goals for me personally when joining EA, was to see a large corporation from the inside. Achievement unlocked. So it's time for some change."

Burman didn't specify where he was heading, but EA provided a statement to GamesIndustry International wishing Burman well. "EA Play4Free is growing quickly under the leadership of Sean Decker, generating an average of $2 million per week with millions of engaged players around the world online every day."

Burman said he will remain in Stockholm in his new position.