Japan sales: Sony shifts less than 800k PS Vita units in six months

PlayStation firm says retail performance is in line with projections

Less than 800,000 PlayStation Vita units have been sold across Japan in the past six months, new data suggests.


A new look at sales of Sony's latest handheld - provided by Japanese magazine Famitsu - suggests that the system has sold about 790,000 units.

Sony Japan appears to have told Famitsu that the sales data is in line with internal projections, according to a translation of the quote by local media.

In March, Sony revealed it had sold about two million PS Vita units worldwide. Nintendo's 3DS handheld had shifted about 17 million units by the same period, though this rival system launched several months earlier.

The original PSP has sold more than 71 million units in its eight years on the market.

Meanwhile, hot release Persona 4 The Golden has managed to shift 189,000 units since its release on June 14th, quickly making it the best-selling PS Vita game in Japan for the year so far.

Top 10 selling games:

01: Persona 4 The Golden (188,782)
02: Hot Shots Golf 6 (118,985)
03: Uncharted Golden Abyss (89,390)
04: Gravity Daze/Rush (74,785)
05: Dynasty Warriors Next (74,718)
06: Tales of Innocence R (71,463)
07: Lord of Apocalypse (69,162)
08: Ragnarok Odyssey (65,318)
09: Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (55,527)
10: Disgaea 3 Return (54,902)

Translation: Andriasang