Fake Gran Turismo app amasses 100,000 downloads on first day

Unofficial game makes waves on Google Play

A bogus game carrying the Gran Turismo brand has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads on its first day of trading.

The smartphone racing game, simply entitled 'Gran Turismo', has been developed by a relatively unknown studio called Sailfish Games. In just twenty-four hours it has been downloaded to more than 100,000 devices through the Google Play Store.

Sailfish's game has no official association with Sony's Gran Turismo series, nor its principal developer Polyphony Digital. However, the mobile title apes the series' logo and makes no mention of being an unofficial title.


Google Play, formerly known as the Android Store, does not filter content prior to release; a policy which has drawn criticism for several years.

User reviews of the fake 'Gran Turismo' do not appear to be criticising the game for its plagiarism. The game has a four-out-of-five star average and most complaints are about the game content itself, as well as various bugs.

Sony is preparing to launch its own games on various Android devices. PlayStation Mobile, formerly known as PlayStation Suite, is a development service that helps studios release content on smartphones as well as PlayStation devices.