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'Activision forced Wii U Pro Controller' comment was a 'guess' - Pachter

Industry analysts backtracks on recent comments

Michael Pachter has once again moved to backtrack on a recent statement, this time regarding Activision forcing Nintendo's hand on the Wii U Pro Controller.


The Wedbush Securities analyst recently claimed that Activision had told Nintendo that it wouldn't put Call of Duty on Wii U if it didn't offer "a conventional controller".

But Pachter now says this was "an educated guess". "I am putting two and two together to conclude that Activision put pressure on them," Pachter told GamesBeat. "I do not know this either first-hand or third-hand; nobody told me. I am merely deducing it from what we know, and it's an educated guess."

He went on to explain his logic. "If the Pro Controller is for multiplatform games, that means it is for third-party games," he said. "Nintendo has never done anything altruistically for third parties, so I concluded that they added the Pro Controller because of pressure from third parties.

"The pressure could have come from anywhere - EA with sports games, Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed, or Take-Two with GTA - but it seems to me that the 'prize' that would make the Wii U legitimate as a console of choice for multiplatform games is Call of Duty."

This is the second week running Pachter has moved to control escalating reports based on seemingly whimsical statements to press. Last week he retracted his claim that EA boss John Riccitiello is anxious about losing his job, deeming it "a bad joke" after the statement had been widely reported.

[ SOURCE: VentureBeat ]