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Double Dragon reboot hits PSN/XBLA in September

Wayforward works its magic on another old-school classic

Wayforward's reboot of yet another classic, Double Dragon Neon, will arrive on PSN September 11 for $9.99 and XBLA September 12th for 800 MS Points, it confirmed today.


Wayforward has already proven itself a dab-hand at making new old-school games with Contra 4 on DS, and this time it's giving the Double Dragon a new lease of life with 3D visuals while retaining the old 2D gameplay.

Rock music and cheesy neon-lit locales will give the game its exaggerated '80s look and feel as you mash people's faces in as Billy and Jimmy Lee, who are once again out to save the damsel in distress.

If you missed it, here's a trailer.

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