Dishonored designer says there are 'too many sequels'

Victor Antonov attributes comparisons to BioShock to a "lack of variety" in games

Viktor Antonov, visual design director of Dishonored, has said the prevalence of war game sequels has resulted in "a lack of variety" in games today.


Speaking to Eurogamer Antonov, who is also the man behind Half-Life 2's City 17, said "too many sequels, and too many established IPs" have been ruling the market.

"A lot of them are war games. And they're great projects and great entertainment, but there's a lack of variety today," he said.

According to Antonov games that break the mould by differentiating themselves have become difficult for people to get their heads around, which is why Arkane's Lovecraftian stealth game is being likened to Irrational's BioShock.

"So, when you step out of this established genre, people cannot grasp it, or the press tries to find a match," he explained. "There's a place for thousands of different sub-genres and genres. Imagine the times when you were in the '40s and there were Westerns in Hollywood cinema: there were so many of them that none will be compared with another one, because there was a genre.

"We're doing a historical piece, a retro-futuristic piece, which has pretty much nothing to do with BioShock except for the fact that it doesn't take place in the far future, but has references to the past. And, unfortunately, BioShock and Dishonored are the only two games that go into that fiction for the past - how many years?

"So, lack of variety in what's in the market leads to associations like this. There should be more historical realistic worlds out there. And too bad there are not; I was expecting there to be 20 games like this."

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Bethesda has confirmed the Dishonored release date as October 12.