Why release Battlefield 4 over Bad Company 3? EA responds

"It's not due to any lack of love for BC inside of DICE," says community manger

Battlefield 4 was announced on Tuesday, but news of a successor to last year's Battlefield 3 didn't go down too well with some franchise fans.


A few expressed concerns that the sequel is arriving too soon, while others asked why EA is releasing Battlefield 4 over a new Battlefield: Bad Company game.

Addressing the latter of the two concerns on Reddit, Battlefield 3 community manager Ian Tornay said:

"I can tell you that it's not due to any lack of love for BC inside of DICE. Everyone I've talked to there is very proud and fond of it.

"What features from BC would you like to see in future games (which is not to say we won't make another)? Would be very interested to nail down for myself what it is about BC that is special to everyone and how we can incorporate that magic."

While a Battlefield 4 release date is yet to be announced, it is believed the game will launch in late 2013.

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